Botox Being Used By Psychotherapists For Depression Treatments

It’s true folks. Time magazine and other top health forums have recently reported that Botox is no longer just a treatment mechanism for young and beautiful skin. Although it does wonders for wrinkles, it may be just as effective for depression and tics. Therapists report that patients who were given Botox treatments reported fewer symptoms than those on placebos. although not approved by the FDA and certainly not main-stream, the facts are out about patient success with this anti-aging drug.

Botox is manufactured by Allergan and in 2015 a mind blowing statistic came out. The company generated roughly 2.5 billion dollars in revenue and more than half of those profits came from non-cosmetic uses. That is staggering folks as the association with this drug has always been solely Hollywood celebrities trying to look good and rich woman buying their way to young skin. So there you have it folks, times are changing and Botox is no longer just the beauty medicine it was once always perceived as.

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